Arizona Plants

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I was recently in Arizona for two weeks visiting family. It was an enjoyable trip and I was lucky to be able to do some gardening in the evening when it wasn’t quite 110 degrees and visited several greenhouses (including Avocado Nursery). While I was ready to see a lot of cactus I also came across a lot more succulents, citrus trees, and flowering bushes than I expected.

There’s many plant seeing destinations left on the bucket list for next time I return, but for now I am enjoying readjusting to the greenery and humidity back in Delaware.

A cactus with large spikes and pink prickly pear fruit

Large barrel cactus

Mother of Thousands succulent

Desert flowering bush with pink flowers against a yellow wall

Very large tropical plant leaf

Many tall cactus for sale at a nursery

A bright green cactus with many arms near a colorful pot

Author holding a large tropical plant near a pool

Photo of large palm tree against blue sky

Charming Arizona nursery

A tiny tabletop cactus, round

Many cactus for sale of all shapes and sizes