Fiddle Leaf Fig Food

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Over the past few years I have been able to keep many different types of plants with different needs alive. The exception to this has always been the notoriously finicky (but so beautiful!) fiddle leaf fig. I recently decided to give this plant and myself one more try before committing to never touch these again, and so far it has been going very well.

Here’s a couple things I’m doing differently, with the primary contributor to success (imho) being the addition of special food.

Watering 💦

Having done much more research this time I’ve been following a weekly (down to the day) watering schedule. Since the plant is just under 2 feet tall from the base I am only watering 1 cup each week, which I will bump up to 2 cups once it passes that 2 feet mark. This doesn’t feel like much water at all but the plant seems to be happy so far so I will keep it up while monitoring leaf health for signs of potential underwatering.

My previous fiddles were, without a doubt, massively overwatered.

Fertilizer 🍏

I am simply blown away by Fiddle Leaf Fig Food. I have tried countless fertilizers in the past and none stand out quite like this one, with the fastest and most dramatic results. The $20 price tag gave me pause at first, but I now feel it is definitely worth it considering the results and how long the bottle is likely to last.

I’ve read that fiddles need more nutrients than other plants to support their especially large leaves, and this brand happens to be made for them specifically which is a delight.

The first couple pictures below show a single leaf before and after applying the food and only over a seven day period.

Small new fiddle leaf fig leaf

Large new fiddle leaf fig leaf

Bottle of fiddle leaf fig plant food

Light ☀️

My new still alive fiddle plant is getting much more sun than my previous ones, which seems to be a good thing. It is in a very bright room but doesn’t get any direct sunlight, so about eight feet or so away from a large window alongside a monstera deliciosa.

I’m going to continue keeping a close eye on this lovely plant each week and will make updates to this post as new revelations come about.