Happy Spider Plants

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I have to admit that when I first bought these spider plants (one regular and one curly) this summer I was mostly motivated by the fact that I didn’t have any yet. Since then they have become one of my favorites in the house and I have gifted many of the babies to friends and family.

General Care

I often see these recommended for beginners which I may agree with except that they like a lot of humidity. I mist these daily, water a small amount frequently (1-2 times a week), and use a moisture retaining soil. I also add Grow More Seaweed Extract to the water every month or so. I will likely cut watering down to a couple times a month in the winter months.

These are known for being tolerant of lower light conditions but mine seem to thrive in bright, indirect light—when the sun decides to show itself on the east coast anyway. They sprout tiny, lovely white flowers when a new baby is about to grow.

Spider plants are notorious for getting brown tips that have to be cut, but luckily I have been able to avoid this with daily mistings 💦


I wait until the babies have small white root nubs on them before cutting from the mother’s shoot. They can then be placed in water with a rooting hormone powder and will grow very quickly. Be warned: they grow the thickest, wildest roots I’ve ever seen.

Spider plants with babies

Spider plants with babies

Spider plants with babies

Spider plant roots exposed