Monstera Musings

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According to Wikipedia, “Monstera is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants” and my goals is to some day own all 50 of them. (Not sure if this is possible, but humor me.)

Monstera Deliciosia Monster Deliciosia, also known as Swiss Cheese plant, so freakin’ cool.

I currently own a plant of just one of those species, Monstera Borsigana. And while vining plants are typically lauded as being the easiest to take care of, I’ve found that my Monstera has been the easiest, low maintenance, most forgiving plant I’ve ever had.

Monstera Borsigana

I tend to stick to a 7-10 day watering schedule, mist it never, and wipe down the leaves when I remember to. Some monstera plants can grow to be very big, especially since they grow up and out. The one I have has gotten bigger over the years and it seems to be very content in the pot it’s in. It loves bright, indirect light. My previous apartment had south facing windows (which gets the most sunlight & heat!) and I kept Monstera further away from it. Now I have east facing windows and have the Monstera right up against the light and it seems to love it.

Monstera Borsigana