Succulent Teacher Gifts

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As impossible as it seems, this is the last week of school here.

I try to get the teachers holiday and end-of-year gifts but struggled last week to come up with a gift that was thoughtful, affordable, fun, and not something I had gotten already in the past. During a recent presentation in the classroom I noticed that the classroom gets plenty of natural light and room on the window sill for a few more plants and decided it was the perfect setup for some succulents. Though I only needed two I left the store with three 😬

I ended up picking up these arrangements at a local garden center, but have also seen succulents at Lowe’s and Home Depot; I got a jade plant from Lowe’s and it is thriving! I have also ordered succulents online as gifts with great success from Lula’s Garden.

I’m pairing these with lovely cards from Rifle Paper Company.

Photo of three succulent arrangements in brown bowl

Photo of succulent arrangement in brown bowl

Photo of cards with illustrated flowers and plants