Wedgewood Gardens

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Wedgewood Gardens in Glen Mills, PA has long been my favorite plant shop that I can get to within a 45 minute drive from home. The people that work here are so nice and knowledgable and they have a great collection of both outdoor (so many enormous greenhouses!) and indoor plants. It’s also in an especially beautiful part of Pennsylvania and the drive is through a lot of charming backroads and passes other small, adorable shops.

I haven’t found another garden center nearby that offers the extensive selection that they do here at Wedgewood. From enourmous $200 Fiddle Leaf Fig trees to small $6 Ric Rac cactus and Xanadu Philodendron it’s truly a place where you could spend hours exploring. They also offer a decent selection of pots, gardening tools, and soils.

The main thing I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this year was come here and get ANY plant I wanted without anyone complaining about how much time I spent picking it out, and so that’s exactly what we did 😜

My main choice here was my very first dwarf umbrella tree along with several small succulents and cactus. One of the best parts about this place is that they offer free potting when you buy a plant and pot together.

Cannot recommend Wedgewood Gardens enough if you happen to be in the area. I plan on returning several more times this year since they are open year-round unlike many other shops 😇

Wedgewood Gardens entrance sign

Houseplant section of Wedgewood gardens

Photo of large flowering aloe plant

Photo of dwarf umbrella tree

A wild looking tiny succulent

Mini cactus and succulents in tiny clay pots