Winter Woes

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Being a plant parent in winter is hard 😔

With the humidity SO low I naturally expected the moisture loving plants I got this year, like the rattlesnake plants, to struggle the most. However, that hasn’t been the case at all.

So far the plants struggling the most have been:

• A pilea
• A gold dust dracaena
• All airplants 😡
• A corn plant (dracaena)

The problem seems to be that I started underwatering them too early in the season and by the time I realized this error and started watering more it was too much water at that time. It has been a seemingly impossible, delicate balance of too dry conditions yet overwatering.

I’m attempting to salvage the gold dust dracaena through water propagation after cutting off the remaining surviving parts, but don’t have high hopes for the outcome.

Going forward I am going to try misting the leaves more frequently and watering sparingly, perhaps not even enough to drain out the bottom of the pots. The corn plant is also still in its original potting medium which is coconut husk based, which I suspect is retaining too much moisture so perhaps a repotting is in order!

I have also started to soak the air plants up to 3 hours a week, upping from 1-2, which seems to be helping the problem of dry/browning tips.

Photo of different plants on bookshelf

Photo of a corn plant

Photo of pilea plant with yellow leaf

Photo of corn plant leaf with brown tips

Photo of air plant with brown, dry tips